My girlfriend said she needs space…

Dear Coming Through The Rye Staff,

Ok here’s the info. I’ve been with my girlfriend for over 2 months now and everything worked out great we had some fights but we sorted it all out. Today we met and she said she didn’t want to go to this place with me to copy some stuff cause she wants to go home and I was like all right sure and I just left. I was little angry at that time but it slowly faded away. When I came home she messaged me asking me if I was angry I said kinda but not as much as you think. We started talking and she said we should take a break or something. I said that it eventually’s gonna turn into a breakup we started talking about some stuff again and she said I don’t know, I care about you and everything I’m not for a relationship anymore, I don’t know. And I asked her if she wants to take a break or break up she said I don’t know. And after a while she said she wants to be alone and not near anyone and that no one should ask about her and that she’s feeling depressed. She said to wait a couple of days to pass so she can think about everything. I felt like this couple of weeks ago too but it passed I’m not sure if it will pass her. I don’t know what to feel I mean she changed my life after I met her she is perfect we have everything in common and I just don’t want to lose her I don’t want to breakup cause of some stupid ****, I’m scared of losing her. Do you think that we are gonna break up or..? And can you give me some advice or something to do I just feel like **** after all of this



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