Do I give my boyfriend a break or try to fix things?

Dear Coming Through The Rye Staff,

Lately my boyfriend and I have been going through some issues.  We’ve both been stressed and been arguing quite a bit over small things.  We’ve been together for almost three years now, and I truly think he is the one.  We see each other everyday, and I spend the night at his house almost every night.  Lately, he has seems really distant.  I confronted him about it, and he said he just isn’t as happy as he used to be because we fight so much.  He wonders if he would be happier single.  He says he wants to be able to sleep alone and do things independently without worrying if I would be upset.  Hearing this absolutely killed me.  However, he also said he still loves me and he does want to be with me.  He just doesn’t know how and if we can fix things.  I’m so confused now.  He decided he wanted to stay with me and to try to work things out.

One part of me desperately wants to try to spice up the relationship and remind him of why we are together and how in love we are.  However, the other part of me wants to give him space and let him be alone to miss me and realize he wants to stay together.  Although, I am terrified he may decide he likes being alone, and he won’t come back to me.  I really want to stay together, and I have no idea which approach to use.  Should I spice things up and remind him of why we are in love, or should I give him space?



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